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Very, Very goal orientated, and very determined and stubborn. The biggest thing I had to learn was to embrace more life and be more social. I still work at it. Life is not "living to work" My moon is Leo, and rising is Aquarius. It helps balance my personality more. My romance life seems to be a weak spot in my life.

Ellie Hah Jake why was this changed, and the bit about jealousy taken away?

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I get the impression something else has also been added. Sophie Definitely true for me. Merl B. DC I can't stand this sign. They have to win every argument. It drives me crazy. Bluidanjewel You obviously have not met the right Scorpio ox. Jake I don't think that's any surprise. Parley This is crazy accurate for me, describes my personality very well.

Flower It's kinda true somehow,, I wished I could go bounced straight back again in a smooth landing where I planted thorns and needles that are made up of wrong decisions in the past. CJRandom I thought it was fine!

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Very true for the most part! Annalise The last paragraph was so accurate it's scary. Holy moly.

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Jake This couldnt be more wrong. Granted it gets some things right, but then again giving such a broad description is bound to have some one fall into it. Im not impressed. Jake That's interesting because I find a lot of the first two paragraphs the opposite of myself. I don't find myself that boastful, only when I'm not being taken seriously. Titus Look up your moon sign as well. Your name:.

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  7. Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Tomorrow. Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Tomorrow. Indeed one of the biggest factors working in favor of Ox-Pig compatibility is a healthy sexual appetite.

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    Both are passionate lovers and their love life is likely to be highly charged. However what appears to work best for this pair is the ability of each partner to complement the other. While the Ox man would be gratified by the kind and loving nature of his Pig partner, the latter in turn would benefit from the emotional and material security provided by the male Ox. For his part, the male Pig will be more than happy to allow her the upper hand in the relationship and the female Ox will respond by being loyal and devoted till the very end.

    Scorpio Ox

    Thus once the two signs dig deep into their natures to support each other, they will find their relationship not a conventional compatibility but an oasis of love, affection and harmony. Challenges to an Ox-Pig love match The biggest hurdle that an Ox and Pig match needs to overcome in their relationship is one of different temperaments.

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    While the Ox is grounded in a practical and realistic view of life, the Pig is often driven by emotional compulsions. The Ox man might find his Pig girlfriend or wife too removed from the basic realities of life; in fact to a practical guy like her introspective and shy nature might seem dangerously close to a kind of escapism. The female Pig on the other hand might find her Ox partner unable to understand and respond to her deep powers of intuition and her desire to help others. At times the Pig may even be hurt by the insensitive attitude of her partner not so much because the Ox has a scathing tongue but because she may be extra sensitive in her feelings.

    Yet another source of trouble for this pair could lie in a common streak of obstinacy.

    Scorpio Ox Woman

    Despite having a pliable and kind demeanor, the Pig can be one of the most stubborn of the animal signs in the Chinese zodiac. In the event that the Ox and Pig see things differently, each is likely to dig in its heels and refuse to budge — this may eventually prove damaging to the relationship. In the end, the secret to a compatible relationship between the two lies in each being able to support the other without getting their individual biases in the way. Once they do this, the Ox will find in their Pig lover an extremely adaptable partner who is often willing to take their egoistical bouts in stride.

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